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So, you’ve been planning to start your own business, or maybe you already own and, you’re ready to take it to the next level but, do you have the resources needed to succeed? 


Have you tried applying for a loan but got denied every time? The reason might have something to do with your business history plus your credit score, be it your business or personal one.


One of the most important things you need to consider before you push through your plans is that getting funds can be tricky especially if you have yet to establish business credit.


That’s where we come in! T and T Credit Counseling & Consulting can help you get what you want!


Depending on what you need, T&T can provide credit repair, credit monitoring, credit building, or if necessary, the combination of those three can also be done for a budget-friendly price.


We take care of the compliance items your financier needs. We also make sure that you miss no items the lender may demand before the approval of your loan. Why? Because we want to avoid scenarios where you apply before completing these requirements as that may lead to your loan getting rejected.

Some of the requirements needed by the lenders are the following:


  • Credit history

  • Business listed on 411 directory

  • Cash flow history and projections for the business

  • Having a business address

  • Collateral to secure the loan

  • etc.


Once we’ve helped your business be truly compliant with the lender’s requirements, we’ll now move on to setting up your business appropriately with the three major credit bureaus.


There is no room for errors when setting up lender compliance and the correct reporting agency as these are crucial steps. But, once all of that is settled and done, you will be given access to tons of loans and credit providers.


Our goal is to help build strong credit scores for your business but, that’s not where it ends because we will also make sure that you know how to maintain it. To achieve that, you would need to do “135”. This method involves having one bank loan, three business credit cards, and at least five vendor lines of credit that report directly to the three major credit bureaus.


Here at T&T, we make sure that your needs are handled with care and efficiency. We will make sure that you reach your goals and leave our program with the satisfaction and knowledge needed to build and maintain strong credit scores for your business.


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