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About Us

There was a time when Tera Bradford-Wilson, Founder and CEO of T & T Credit Counseling and Consulting, was a single mother who was tired of having stagnant credit and living paycheck to paycheck while her daily expenses continued racked up way above her means. 


At that time, she was already spending thousands of dollars on a credit repair company whose actions did nothing to ease down the financial burdens she got stuck in. 


That devastating experience was the ultimate reason why she decided to establish the company. She wanted to help not only herself but other people as well. 


That is why here at T and T Credit Consulting & Counseling, we specialize in educating our clients about credit, repairing it when necessary, or at the least, give a little nudge to help build their credit. 


We offer the most reliable but affordable credit repair on the market and our team of experts is always ready to assist clients with all stages of the credit restoration and rebuilding processes. 


We are also proud to share that since 2015, we have helped over 18,000 families resolve their financial issues, increase their credit score, and supported them on their journey to achieving their goals through home purchases, auto loans, student loan pay-offs, and business fundings. 


CEO of  T & T Credit Counseling and Consulting

Join me in transforming your financial capabilities.

Commit and unlock your full potential.



In addition to our basic services, Tera hopes to provide information and guidance to our clients about how to deal with various credit problems. Book an exclusive coaching session with our CEO, if you have any questions and she’ll gladly assist you. Learning how to manage your finances and credit can be overwhelming. Dive into our extensive education center and start finding out about building better credit, loans, mortgages, interest rates, business funding, and so much more.

Financial District

"T and T Credit Counseling & Consulting, Securing Financial Freedom for Clients Across the Globe"

T and T is considered a one stop shop as they have partnered with realtors, loan officers and lenders to help assist their clients after successfully completing the program. T and T also provides credit coaching to ensure the continued success of credit health!

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