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Life can be downright unfair and all sorts of things can influence your credit score. Living with bad credit is a nightmare for anyone and can get in the way of enjoying life.

Here at T & T Credit Counseling and Consulting, we help you address all the unwarranted and unfair negative items on your credit report. We work to your advantage and make the most use of your consumer rights to remove questionable and negative items to INCREASE your Credit Score! 

All it takes is one phone call to let us help you get back on track towards good credit. Make that decision today. Our dedicated experts are on standby 27/7 ready to assist.

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Our mission is not to only help our clients restore their credit. Our true passion is to educate our clients on understanding their credit once they complete our program. 


We customize an in-depth credit repair strategy that is unique to your specific needs. Since no two credits are alike, we provide an initial consultation so we can map out a plan of action for your specific credit or loan goals.


We will help you improve your credit and provide credit coaching to ensure your continued success. 

Our Services


T and T Credit Consulting & Counseling have helped clients solve variously

credit-related situations since 2015.

With experience managing clients’ financial concerns for years, our team has the tools to help you quickly and efficiently. We know that tackling your credit is never easy, but our exceptional team and their professional experience will make sure you’re financially back on track in no time. Here's the list of services we provide to help you every step of the way.


Take the first step toward restoring your credit by contacting us today!


Our goal is to help you understand your own credit situation. Due to a large variety of possible situations, each of our clients goes through a thorough process so that our team can figure out the specific steps to take. We go above and beyond to provide you with a thorough analysis of your credit report.


We take clear steps to improve your scores and also offer guidance on how to rebuild your credit.


Learning how to manage your finances and credit can be overwhelming. Dive into our extensive VIP program and start finding out about building better credit, loans, mortgages, interest rates and so much more. Using our tried and tested formula together with the client’s full cooperation, we can help improve your credit to a minimum of 50 up to a 170 increase depending on various factors. 

We made it our mission to provide our customers not just a simple service but the best they can find on the market. 


In addition to our basic services, we also offer a comprehensive tracking of credit scores, which keeps our clients up to date on the quality and improvement of their credit reports.


We offer credit monitoring services to guard you against identity theft.


As errors and inaccuracies are found during the dispute process, they're removed or corrected thus, increases your credit score. This will directly influence your chances of getting your loan or credit applications approved quicker with lower interest rates. Leave the worrying to the experts. 

Here are T and T Credit Counseling & Consulting, we make it work to your favor!


Credit repair is not a fix-all. It takes time and effort but under many laws and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have rights you probably don’t know about. 

Credit training does work in most circumstances. But it only if you are getting the best advice from an experienced professional.


Anyone with a credit score below 720 can benefit long-term from the advice and information provided through our financial solutions education.



Having a bad credit must not hinder you from setting up your own business though it cannot be avoided for the credit history to be reviewed whenever applying for a loan.

Under our VIP Program, we provide assistance with Business Funding & Business Profile.


Get to know the secret ins and outs of fast business expansion loans


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Ready to find out more?

Bad credit can be affecting you more than you know. T and T Credit Consulting & Counseling have helped our satisfied clients repair their credit. With our highly professional and methodological approach, we cut through the numbers to help get you back on the road to good credit.

We adhere strictly to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which means you can relax knowing you are in reputable hands.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you take that important first step in getting back into good financial standing.


Hold the Vision.
Drop the excuses. Remember your WHY.  Swerve around obstacles. 

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